5 Things You Need to Know About Back Pain

(2) Lifting and Bending are safe for your back.

Your back is actually built to bend & lift.

Rest can help back pain settle initially similar to pain in any other part of the body, such as a sprained ankle but then you need to move.

Unfortunately people with back pain often believe that activities such as lifting, bending and twisting are dangerous and should be avoided. However, contrary to common belief, the research to date has not supported a consistent association between any of these factors and back pain.

Of course, a person can strain their back if they lift something awkwardly or lifting something that is heavier than they would usually lift. Similarly, if a person has back pain, these activities might be more sore than usual. This, however, does not mean that the activity is dangerous or should be avoided.

While a lifting or bending incident could initially give a person back pain, bending and lifting is normal and should be practiced to help strengthen the back, similar to returning to running and sport after spraining an ankle.

Could we argue that because of modern lifestyle ( sitting more, driving more etc) we are not conditioned to lift/bend anymore?

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