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HRIG Hamstring Assessment Device

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What is the HRIG & How was it Developed?

  • The HRIG is a world leading hamstring assessment device.
  • Two specific tests have been developed which simulate the mechanism of injury in sports.
  • These tests include a bilateral and unilateral testing protocol that have been specifically designed to assess hamstring function.
  • This has involved over 7 years of research, 400+ individual test cases and a normative data base of over 2,000 players.
  • It has been developed through the Sports Injuries and Sports Medicine Clinic in County Mayo Ireland, Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence, John Moores University, Liverpool and a team of sports engineers based at Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom.
  • The device has been patented worldwide and developed through several research papers which have been published internationally.

What are the Grades of Hamstring
Injuries & How do they Occur?

What Are The Benefits & How Can the HRIG Help Me?

There are many benefits of this groundbreaking device!

With that, we can guarantee results & get you back playing:

How long are appointments & is there a package available?

We also have an excellent package available which consists of:

€240 (Saving of €40 when bought as a package)

How does it work?


We have had Louth & Meath Intercounty Footballers in getting their hamstrings assessed & doing their rehab to get them back strong & playing as soon as possible, take a look below:

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