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5 Tips to Staying Pain Free While Travelling on Holidays!

Summer is now in full swing and many people are travelling away on holidays. Here at Physio Performance Drogheda, we have come up with some of our top tips to help you stay pain free while travelling this summer:

1. Make good choices regarding footwear: When away on holidays, you might end up walking for long distances. Therefore , choosing the proper footwear is vital to protect your feet from injuries. Always make sure your footwear fits well & has proper arch support.

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2. Stretch your legs every hour: Avoid prolonged sitting & try to get out of your seat, move as often as possible & keep your back in a neutral position when driving/flying.

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3. Water, water, water: The humidity inside plane cabins is a lot lower than the usual we experience in day-to-day life, making it easier to become dehydrated. So keep the water intake high and limit caffeine/alcohol intake as this fast-tracks dehydration.

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4. Don’t overpack your luggageUnless you lift weights regularly, chances are you’re not used to lifting heavy loads on a daily basis. If your bags are too heavy for you carry them comfortably, you’re at high risk of an injury before you even get there.

5.Choose your travel luggage carefully: There are many luggage options but a backpack is always best. Because they evenly distribute the force across your shoulders, backpacks are far less likely to pull something out of place. Many backpacks also come with a waist strap, which offers even more stability and support.

Also,  using a cross-body handbag or day bag with a wide strap while travelling will distribute the weight of the bag’s contents across your shoulders & is better for the neck, back & shoulders, than one that hangs from one shoulder.

Using a rolling suitcase and packing minimally is also a great way to take the load off the lower back and shoulders.

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