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A Strong Back Is A Happy Back!


Here at Physio Performance, we really do believe a strong back will be a happy back!

Building strength, capacity & confidence in your lower back is always an essential part of our rehabilitation goals.

It can be a game changer in preventing further episodes of low back pain. Lets talk through when & how to do this.


Once all symptoms have subsided and we are comfortable in all aspects of daily life, it is time to introduce some advanced strength exercises to strengthen the lower back area. It is important to work the musculature of the lower back so that we are comfortable with any demands that daily life places upon us. We can train the lower back in three ways, isometrically (holding position), concentrically (straightening up from a flexed position) and eccentrically (bending down). By hitting each of these muscle actions we can build strength, and more importantly strength endurance in the area.


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Strength endurance is key for reducing the risk of back pain. If we have a high level of endurance in the musculature of the back, we can attempt to negate the effects of lack of sleep, low mood, anxiety and stress on our bodies. While lack of sleep may leave us feeling tired and sluggish, a highly conditioned lower back will still be able to handle the stresses placed upon it by everyday life.


Exercises and strength work have also been proven to boost mood and help to relieve anxiety through the release of endorphins during and post exercise, as well as being vital for our overall health.


Building a high level of strength in the lower back does not have to be complicated and can be achieved through some very simple movements. As well as strength exercises, activities such as pilates and yoga can be extremely beneficial in building lower back strength.


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In order to challenge the lower back isometrically we can incorporate core movements such as reverse planks, deadbug and birddog variations, bridging and other anti-rotational core work such as the pallof press.


Concentric and eccentric strength in the lower back can be built using both compound lifts such as the deadlift and hip thrust, as well as low back specific movements like the Jefferson curl, back extensions and reverse hypers.


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The Physio Performance Way:

We have a high volume of patients who are treated daily with lower back pain here in our state of the art clinic in Drogheda.

Initially, our treatment will focus on helping you become pain-free as quickly as possible.

We will educate & empower you to help you understand the cause of your back pain and how you can stay pain-free.

A rehabilitation programme will be customized for you to help you build a more confident and stronger back.

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