How to Recover from Whiplash: Some Simple Tips

What to do after Whiplash

A common story we hear in the Physio Performance Clinic:

You’re stopped at the traffic lights, minding your own business and then BANG, you are rear ended!!!

Thankfully no major damage done to the car, you get the details sorted etc and you head home a little shaken but you tell yourself you will be grand.

Later that evening you start to feel some neck pain and back pain, you take a painkiller and you head for bed. Sure  “I WILL BE GRAND IN THE MORNING

You wake up the next morning and you can’t move, it feels like you were actually hit by an articulated truck!!!

SHIT!!! Something must be seriously wrong!!

This is the key moment in any whiplash recovery:  How do you react?

Do you panic, stiffen up and head straight for the strong painkillers and into a neck brace??

Or do you take a few moments and some deep breaths and trust that your body is robust and that with a little help and guidance that it can bounce back??

Top Tip to Recover from Whiplash

Early movement is key, get your neck, shoulders and back moving. Even though it might feel sore, you will not do any further damage.

Listen to Mick and Robbie from Physio Performance talk about this in a little more detail in the video below:

Top Exercises to Recover from Whiplash:

Below is two of Physio Performances favorite exercises to help the upper back and neck moving following a whiplash injury.

Kneeling Scapular Push Up:


Scapular Retraction With Band:


It may be hard at the start but just taking your time and working on these simple exercises can really help you.

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