With the GAA season getting into full swing and preseason training underway a lot of player’s will be shaking off the cobwebs from a relaxing winter.

However, with the increasing intensity of each session, injury can be a common factor therefore we need to be a step ahead and ensure injury prevention exercises are part of our regime from the beginning of the season.

Hamstring injuries in Gaelic football today have become a chronic problem. The exact reason for this can be debated however personally I feel that a lot of it is due to high volumes of poorly planned training and matches with very little injury prevention work & smart recovery in between, particularly at club level.

For this reason, we are going to show you an exercise which should be incorporated into your weekly routine to prevent hamstring injuries.

The Nordic Hamstring Curl

How to do?

?A partner anchors the other person’s calves.

?A straight line must be maintained from knee to shoulder ensuring a neutral spine throughout movement.

?The athlete lowers the body as controlled as possible to the floor.

?At the point, where the athlete is unable to maintain a neutral spine he/she lets the body fall to the floor using the hands to control their landing and then explodes back up.

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