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Office Workers: Do you have a Pain in the Neck?

Neck pain is no stranger to the Physio Performance Clinic. Whether you wake up one morning and your neck is stiff & sore, or you have been feeling  constant pain for a couple of weeks/months, neck pain can be a frustrating injury. Studies have shown that neck pain is most common among office & desk workers than any other occupation.

Assessing Ergonomics In The Workplace

Why do Desk workers get Neck Pain?

Due to the nature of the job, office workers spend long days sitting at a desk. Even with an ergonomic office set up, working in one position without moving is one of the main causes of neck pain. Also, when sitting for long periods like this, it is not unusual to  slouch in your seat or adopt a semi-flexed or ”poke” forward position. Prolonged periods of sitting affects the natural curvature of the spine, and can overload the discs, ligaments, nerves and muscles within the neck. Decreased muscle strength and endurance around the neck and upper back can also lead to muscle tension and strains.

What you can do:

1. Your next position is your best position : Remember to take breaks & move often, even if it is just to stretch or get a coffee.

2. Ensure your work station is comfortable and efficient: – check that the height of your chair in relation to your desk is correct and that your chair provides the right amount of lumbar support. Also ensure that the height/position of screen on your desk is not too far away so that you are not stretching your neck and that your arms supported.


Ergonomics in the office

3. Lifestyle & Movement: What you do outside of the workplace will impact how you feel in the workplace. Getting out for a walking, going the gym, performing some yoga stretches etc can be a great way of incorporating light exercise into your day, and can help keep your muscles feeling robust, loose & relaxed.

How can Physio help with Neck Pain?

Manual therapies such as deep tissue massage, dry needling and TECAR Therapy (heat therapy) can be used to ease acute or short term pain caused by neck injuries. Dry needling can be especially effective in relieving any tightness or tension in the muscles in the neck. The needles are inserted into trigger points (tight, painful knots in the muscles), which help to decrease any muscles spasms and  increase blood flow & joint mobility in the neck area.

Dry Needling - Great Lakes Physical Therapy Great Lakes Physical Therapy

Long term it is important to incorporate an exercise program into the rehab process, in order to strengthen the neck and upper back, and improve endurance. Your physiotherapist will assess your neck function and  tailor the program to suit you. Stretching the neck can firstly help to improve range of motion and stiffness. An Upper Trapezius stretch or a Thoracic extension mobility in your work chair can be a great place to start. Once the initial pain has subsided, and your program progresses, your physio will start to incorporate exercises such as Isometric neck rotations or Scapula stabilization exercises to strengthen the muscles and get you feeling more confident.

Thoracic Mobility & Neck Pain | Upstate NY Physical Therapy Experts

The Physio Performance Way:

We are the specialists here in the Drogheda area dealing with neck pain.

We can guide you right through the whole journey: From the initial diagnosis to a full recovery.

A rehabilitation program will be customised for you to help you regain your range of motion and help you build a more confident and stronger neck.

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