RUNNING INJURY: What should I do?????

If you run then the chances of picking up a running-related injury at some stage are actually quite high, around 85% !!!!!!!! (But imagine if you weren’t running and all the negative effects it would be having on your body, buts that’s a story for another day!!!!)

The big dilemma is what should you do when you experience discomfort running??

Do you rest?

Do you modify your training slightly?

Do you continue as if nothing’s wrong and hope for the best?

running injury
Whilst we’re all individual and each of our circumstances are unique, here’s some practical advice to help you decide what to do, when discomfort is affecting your running.

(1) Is it acute?

Do you remember a specific moment during your run when you felt something “go”/” tighten”? Did the discomfort make you stop and touch the affected area? Did it make you stop your run? Ideally if you felt any of the above you should take at least 48-72 hours off, give it a chance to settle and throw some ice on it. If it’s still troubling you after this rest period, get it seen to. Most likely you have suffered some muscle damage that will need the appropriate rehabilitation.

(2) Is the injury bad enough to affect your running style?

If you can’t run with your normal gait, continuing to train will lead to a worsening of the injury or a secondary injury somewhere else. Take some time off, cross-train, and/or see a physiotherapist.

(3) Is this a recurrence of an old injury?

Keep an eye on these ones. It may just be that your brain has some ‘memory’ of the old injury, but always better to get on top of these injuries quickly. If you do, you can usually stop them from coming back to haunt you.

(4) Is the injury getting worse?

In most cases, if you record a worsening of an injury over the previous week of training, it’s not going in the direction you want! Take some time off and consider seeking some physiotherapy advive.

As I always preach “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY”, it will let you know how “ITS” feeling.

Regardless of your answers, as you start to feel better and make your way back into training, back off a little and build your training up slowly. Taking some time off and then jumping straight back to where you left off will only end in disaster. You will overload the previously damaged tissue too early and you be back to square one!!

Most injuries are simple to manage with a common-sense approach.

If you’re unsure whether you need to see someone, just contact us here at Physio Performance and we will be more than happy to advise you how best to tackle it.

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