Shoulder Problems & the Balloon

The majority of clients who suffer from repeated shoulder instability incidents (like popping in & out of the joint) or have had actual shoulder stabilisation surgery are bad breathers and this pattern contributes massively to failed rehab programmes.

Sometimes purely focusing on strength, mobility and posture is not enough. Breathing patterns can influence our bodies movement.

A 10 second exercise is no match for 23,000 bad breaths a day!!!!!

One of the most important aspects for these clients is to teach their rib-cage to move down and in as opposed to “flare” out and up towards the head.

Great to have Louth Senior Star Adrian Reid in over the last number of weeks working on some Injury Prevention and Performance exercises to help his body prepare for the forthcoming National League and Championship.In the video below Adrian, is demonstrating a mobility exercise called "THE WORLD'S GREATEST STRETCH".Its called this because it targets all the major muscles groups and joints in just one exercise — especially the ones we tend to use sitting at a desk or a computer all day. Since it’s a dynamic stretch with static components, it can be used as part of your dynamic warm up, to prep your body for your workout, or at the end of a session.This combination of movement and static positions challenges the central nervous system, forging the connection between the body and the brain that is so crucial to an effective session. Plus, this synchronization of movement increases your range of motion, so each exercise can be completed thoroughly.It is a three-part stretch.Start Position:Begin by lunging forward, with your front foot flat on the ground and on the toes of your back foot. With your knees bent, squat down until your knee is almost touching the ground.Place the arm on the same side as your front leg on the ground, with the elbow next to the foot. Your other hand should be placed on the ground, parallel to your lead leg, to help support you during this portion of the stretch. Keep your torso erect, and hold this position for 10-15 seconds.External Torso Rotation with Reach:Rotate torso and extend arm up to the ceiling with palm out and eyes following. Keep spine long, and continue reaching through back leg. Return rotating arm under front leg, trying to get arm as close to the floor as possible. Repeat 10-15 secondsHamstring & Calf Stretch:After 10-20 seconds, place your hands on either side of your front foot. Raise the toes of the front foot off of the ground, and straighten your leg. You may need to reposition your rear leg to do so. Hold for 10-20 seconds, and then repeat the entire sequence for the other side.If you would like more information on how Physio Performance can help your body prepare for the coming season please visit our website PM on Facebook or call 086-1958223.

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In the first part of this video you can see as he lifts the stick up over head, the ribs flare up and he arches his back.

By blowing through the balloon, the obliques are forced to contract (just like you would brace for a punch in the stomach). This results in the upper muscles of the neck relaxing and lengthening, meaning they can’t influence as much the movement of the shoulder forcing the shoulder stabilisers to be more efficient. This is good news for these clients.

This exercise is also very useful for persistent neck discomfort.

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