Side-Lying Leg Lift Against Wall – A Must Do Glute Exercise!!

This exercise focuses on working the hip abductors and the glutes of the top leg.

How to Perform:

(1) Lying on your side against a wall ( use mat underneath for comfort) have one arm bent allowing your head and neck to rest .Allow your other arm to rest around the top hip so that you can feel your glutes working. Legs should both be straight, with your top leg resting ideally on the skirting board (does not have to be as high the one in the video, your average house skirting would be ideal).

(2) Achieve a neutral back position (not arching) and rotate your top leg externally so your toes are pointing up towards the ceiling (will target glute medius better). Once in this position, tense your glutes ( use your hand to feel it working) and slide your top leg up against the wall in a slow controlled manner (do not let heel come away from the wall)

(3) Hold for 2/3 seconds and slowly return to start position.

Progress by using band, ankle weight or incorporating into side plank.

Work endurance so high reps, 15-20 reps by 2 sets.

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