SINGLE-LEG HIP THRUST: A Must Do Glute Exercise

If you want to boost your squat and deadlift and improve your running and jumping form, then you must add the Single-Leg Hip Thrust to your routine.

Common Mistakes, we encounter here at Physio Performance Drogheda

(1) Hyperextending your lower back

This is a fancy way of saying “arching your lower back.“ By arching your lower back to produce the lift off the ground it makes it way harder to use your glutes. So when performing you want to make sure your back is flat (“neutral”) by decreasing the arch, by rocking your pelvis back and bringing your ribs down and in (“posterior pelvis tilt”).

(2) Not driving up through your heels

When you drive through your toes instead of your heels, it’s pretty much impossible to use your glutes which is why many people end up feeling the single-leg hip thrust in their knees and/or quads.To prevent this and to make sure you’re using your glutes properly, “drive up by pushing through your heels”. Some people like to left their toes off the floor, to force their weight onto their heels.

Work high reps, 15 reps X 2/3 sets

Progress by adding weight in the form of a bar or dumbell across the waist.

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