For Runners: Top 10k Race Tips for Beginners

As your 10K race is approaching, it is imperative that you aim to prepare both your body and mind to the level of maximum capability to allow performance to excel on the day of the race. The tips and advice below will allow you to be one step ahead of everyone at the start of the race.10km


  • If you haven’t already you should probably start the tapering process for the big day. Cutting your weekly kilometres by 25% is strongly recommended to get the best training effects and to peak on the day
  • Don’t ignore pain, this is most important. If you have a pain and it gets worse whilst running or afterwards when walking, please STOP. Take time off and get treatment from a Chartered Physiotherapist. There is always another 10k race around the corner. We have appointments available every week day, including evenings and weekends.
  • In order to prepare for the race, it’s a good idea to run easier and visualise your race – going through the motions. Imagine yourself pumping your arms up the hills and relaxing on the down hills.
  • Please take your rest days, especially as you near race day. These are vital not only for physical reasons but for mental reasons too.
  • Practice running at the time you will on race day, this will get your body used to it and it won’t be a shock to the system.
  • If you have any tightness, get on top of it. Try some gentle stretching after a hot bath. Foam-rolling is another excellent way to keep on top of tightness ( this doesn’t work consider booking a sports massage. There will also be post-race massage available on the day so make use of it to help your recovery.
  • Fuel your body: A healthy diet and good nutrition is essential to get the best out of your body on the big day. Make sure you eat plenty of carbohydrates before and after the race which will give you energy and help you recover quickly.
  • Making a race plan will help calm your nerves and get the best out of the day. Start by sticking to familiar foods, allow plenty of time to get there and know how you’re going to race so you can gauge your speed.
  • On the day make sure you run in shoes you have worn before, blisters on the day of the race won’t be beneficial. It’s a good idea to race in your most comfortable kit so make sure to try it all out before.
  • Finally, hydrate! Not just before the race but during and after, again something to practice before race day. The 20 minute window after the race is vital for recovery. Try consuming a sports drink and protein bar within 20 minutes and then some carbohydrates within 2 hours of completing the race.

Here at Physio Performance we provide sports massage for pre &  post races of all distances.