The Glider


An important goal of rehabilitation is not just to return the person back to full activities as soon as possible, but to also make sure as far as is possible that they don’t suffer a re-

injury. Hamstring injuries are notorious for ending an athlete’s season due to re-injury. Reinjury rates after acute hamstring injuries are reported to range from 14% to 63% within the same

playing season or up to 2 years after the initial injury. Studies have shown that specific eccentric exercises focusing on injury prevention can greatly decrease an athlete’s chances of injury

if incorporated correctly into their daily routine.

Approximately 70% of hamstring injuries occur during high-speed running therefore it is essential that that we strengthen hamstrings eccentrically in a lengthened position. For this reason it

is imperial that the following exercise “The Glider” is imperial in preventing injury.


Done with three days rest between sessions ( 6 reps × 2 sets) the hamstring gliders are superb for developing both functional control,flexibility and most importantly eccentric strength

And the good news is all you need for this exercise is a wall and either a towel or what we have used is simply a piece of cardboard

Please note it’s the hamstring of the FRONT LEG we are working.

? How to do??

– Begin from an upright position with one hand holding onto a support and legs slightly split

– All the bodyweight should be on the heel of the injured leg with approx. 10-20 degree knee flexion

– Glide backwards on the other leg using slide plate and stop before pain is reached.

– Move back to the starting position with the help of the arm not using the affected leg

– Progress by increasing the gliding distance and the speed of the exercise