Why You Should Be Strength Training!

Here at Physio Performance we see a wide range of injuries from the Drogheda area, particularly muscular and overuse injuries. 

Strength Training is one of our most used treatments for these types of injuries. 

It’s important to remember that strength training is not just relevant when you pick up an injury but also one of the best ways to reduce your injury risk!!

Not to mention strength training is also a vital tool for health and well being, and in this blog we will outline why.



Strength Training is defined as a method of exercising muscles using an opposing force, whether that is external weights or against gravity, in order to increase the strength of the muscle.

Strength training is a very broad term, and encompasses a range of different techniques/methods, all to produce changes in our muscles. These changes are very individual, based on the method of training used.

Choosing a certain method usually depends on the individual persons goals or needs. 

Many different training methods can be used to produce changes in the muscle. Max strength training, muscular endurance training, explosive power training, HIIT training, hypertrophy training are all used in training muscle, to name just a few methods.

Strength training can be used to increase strength, improve the speed of movement, increase the size of the muscle (hypertrophy), increase the muscle’s ability to repeatedly perform tasks (endurance), or even increase general flexibility and mobility.

Benefits of Strength Training

There are numerous benefits to strength training, no matter the age/gender.

  • One of the obvious benefits of strength training is the increase in the strength of our muscles. The benefits of increased strength range from increased co-ordination and balance, while daily activities become easier, due to the muscles ability to perform at a higher level for longer. Strength training can benefit all aspects of life, including running/walking/cycling, whatever your hobbies may be!


  • Strength training also helps to increase our lean muscle mass, which is a great predictor for longevity and reduces our risk of other conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Strength training is especially helpful for older adults as it can greatly reduce the risks of slips/falls!


  • Decreased risk of injury is a major benefit of strength training, due to our muscles increased strength, balance, and co-ordination we are less susceptible to injury. With increased strength around our joints, we become more robust in all activities of daily life. For example, strengthening of the glutes and hamstrings can help to aid the lower back when lifting heavy objects!


  • Cardiovascular health can also be improved through strength training, especially with circuit/HIIT type training. Regular exercise can reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and improve circulation by strengthening the heart and blood vessels.


  • Mobility and flexibility of our joints can also be increased using strength training, stronger muscles can utilise a greater range of motion than weak muscles. This is also a major contributor to injury prevention during activities such as running/walking!


  • Strength training can also be crucial in the increasing and maintenance of our bone density. Regularly putting external load on our skeleton using strength training promotes healthier and stronger bones.


  • Quality of life can also improve due to daily activities/hobbies becoming less stressful on the body, as well as the feel-good factor from the boost of natural endorphins after you exercise!

Here at Physio Performance, we are well aware of the numerous benefits of strength training, and this is why we pride ourselves on making strength a staple in all of our treatment programmes!

Our experienced therapists can help you to build strength and help you succeed and reach your goals.

To find out how Physio Performance can help, call 086-1958223 or BOOK ONLINE.

You can also email any questions to info@physioperformance.ie.

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