Lunge Exercise: How to Perform

If there’s any exercise that could be considered the bread and butter of many a fitness routine, it’s the bodyweight static lunge. It is an incredibly effective exercise as it targets mainly the quadriceps but also hits the glutes, hamstrings, calves and core

In terms of rehabilitation it is used to develop lower leg strength but also challenge an athlete’s movement control. Poor movement control has been defined as an inability to control the trunk, pelvis, hip, knee, and foot when moving. Poor movement control has been linked with knee pain, anterior cruciate ligament injury and general lower limb injury❗❗

As you can see in the video the lunge can commonly be performed with alot of compensations but once cued correctly the lunge can really enhance an athlete’s movement control and hence play a part in reducing injury/re-injury.

How to Perform :
• Take a split stance with both feet pointed forwards
• Bend at knees to lower body towards the floor. Back knee should guide the movement. Keep front knee behind toes and make sure you lower straight down not forward.
• Maintain neutral back as you push through front heel to return back to starting position.

Learn the basics of the lunge exercise and then add variations (weighted forward, walking, reverse) to challenge & progress your rehab/training.

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